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These here are my business cards to my Stylingham Blog that I have reated and I came up with a polaroid theme for it. Seeing as it is to do with photography I thought why not use something to do with photography as a business card and thats when I thought do Polaroid business cards. I’ve never seen it done before anywhere so now I’ve done it, maybe its been done and used somewhere else. But least I’ve done it as well myself.

I’ve used both sex as my business cards because I didn’t want to be just one sex on my business cards. Reason being is because you might get some people asking why couldn’t you put a male or a female on the front so I decided to use both.

I also put quotes on the back of the business cards to just make people read it and reflect off it some how.

But overal I think I done a good job on the business cards I like them and they way it came out and I hope you people find it interesting too.

Ok theres seem to be a problem this isn’t what it looks like its meant to have the logo and on the front and black out line round the edge. For some reason tumblr has decide to act dumb.

The Sartorialist

The Sartorialist book is an interesting book to look at only because there’s not much writing in the book just photos of people looking very stylish. Its a book where it’s telling you that whatever you wear its always going to be your style because you put it together yourself with no guiding hand. It’s showing inspiration to those people out there with a fashion mind and people without it. Also it’s showing a wide range of different age group around the world in fashion and different nationalities.

It’s an individual thing for different common bonds in the execution of our impression.

To me the book says a lot and looks very interesting to look at, plus there’s not many words in the book just little bits of writing explaining different things about people and fashion. It would be a great book for other people who don’t no much about fashion to read and have a look on. But people without fashion can still dress different and look better then others so to me fashion is everywhere you go no matter what the other people is wearing.

Because one day you might decide to try wearing something you wouldn’t of before to see what you would look like in different clothing brands.

I also checked out the website of this book and it shows a lot more like.

.      Press (magazines)

.    Categories: Men, Women, Fashion shows, Book Reviews, Style Profiles    and Vintage Photos

.   Biography

It has many different links to different things that you might like to look at and have a browse through the site and see what fashion is and something to catch your interest in.

Here’s the website to have a look at and tell me what you think of it and if you find it interesting.

Junctaion Eleven is a awesome photographer, his work is just good to look at every photos I have looked at on his portfolio is just great and eye catching. Also his edited photos of cars put in to a photo thats not even init and make it look real as if it was always there is pretty amazing this guy is good. 

But what I have here is some of his advertising shoots of products of jewellery, Chocolate, bottles of wine and jam bottles. Seeing how different you can make things and put them in to place to get a great photo that can attract a customers to look at these and want to buy it or suggest to someone to buy it.

Just check on Junction Eleven website and go on his editing and portfolio page is amazing you like the looks of it.

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